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Tons of Tasty Features
Take Orders on Your Website
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Website Ordering

  • Add a full branded online ordering system right in your website.
  • Convert your online traffic into loyal customers.
  • Keep brand all thru out the ordering process.
  • Clients never leave your website when ordering.
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Facebook Ordering

  • Give your fans an easy option to order directly from your Facebook Page.
  • Attract more sales and clients from Facebook.
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Mobile App Ordering

  • Designed both for iPhone and Android phones.
  • Push notifications will alerts clients of deals or offers.
  • Easy and fast option to place an order.
  • Increase order frequency with mobile apps.
  • No extra charge for downloading apps.
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Unlimited Orders

With our flat rate prices, receive and process all the orders you want, no more percentage charges per order processed.
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  • Let customers easily pay with a card, even add tips to their orders.
  • With a simple option, you can allow cash payment during pick up or delivery.
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Advance Ordering

Allow customers to place an order for a future date or time, making it convenient.
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  • Offer tasty discounts to promote specials, reward loyal customers or apologize for bad experiences.
  • Coupons code can be use on printing advertisement and set up expiration date to avoid the use of expired coupons.
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Feedback Management

  • Automatic feedback surveys are sent to customers after each order, allowing customers to advise on any negative experience and giving the restaurant a chance to take action.
  • Feedback report is sent to management to advise of new reviews.
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Push Notifications

  • Convert your mobile app into promotional platform with our push notification.
  • With a click of a button, alert clients of promotions, happy hours or events.
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  • Have the ability to able or enable delivery option.
  • Determine delivery zones, fees and hours.
  • Assign drivers to each order for future reporting.
  • Generate a driver report to assure accurate payments.
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Delivery Driver App

  • Equip your driver with a state of the art app where they can select what order/s they will be taking, calculate and generate a driving route.
  • Automatic phone notification will alert client when the order is on it’s way.
  • Google map driving directions will advise real time driving distance and time.
  • Automated Email survey is send every time an order is deliver.
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CRM System

  • Get a full Customer Relationship Management system to handle your customer database.
  • View or print full sale and customer reports.
  • Add your vendor/ provider contact information.
  • Manage multiple locations.
  • Disable system or close locations for the day.
  • Quickly Import or update menu items.
  • Link tracker tool to generate and analyze marketing data.
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  • Automatic phone, text alert to restaurant about new orders.
  • Fax and email alert are available.
  • Automated phone call alerting clients of their order’s status
  • Confirmation and thank you emails to clients.
  • Restaurant name can be add to your customizable voice message.
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E-mail Marketing

  • Our email marketing tools allows you to reach your clients to offer them promos, specials or event invitations.
  • Create and target customers by city or zip codes.
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  • Manage menu items and prices per location.
  • Easily disable or “89” dishes for each location.
  • Add sides or options for each dish.
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