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Here’s What Some Of Our Clients Have To Say!

Adrian A., Miyako Japanese Restaurant
Nicole H., Coley’s Pizza

"I like how the system shows month to month all the new customers ordering from us. We're acquiring an average of 150 new customers every month."

Joe H., Joe's Pizza

"I like the instant feedback from our customers after ordering from our online system. The review stars rating system is very nice."

Raj, India House

"Since we started using Tasty Alerts, our sales have increased roughly 30 percent..."

Andy K., Thai Kitchen

"The system was so easy to learn. Our staff loves how simple and efficient everything is, and they are glad they don't have to spend a lot of time on the phone..."

J. Stewart, Johnny's Seafood

"The best thing about Tasty Alerts is being able to stay in contact with our present customers through promotions and email. Our app Push Notifications has been the best!"

Mark B., Island Grill & Bar